Fat Bottom Girls by Dave Park

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Fat Bottom Girls you make the rocking world Queen-Bicycle-Race--Fat-7359-991[1]go round . . . get on your bikes and ride” -                                                                                                                        Queen


In Reveries today Tim Manners reported:


M.I.T. researchers have re-invented a bicycle wheel “that captures kinetic energy

released when a rider brakes and saves it for when the rider needs a boost,” reports

Sindya N. Bhanoo in the New York Times (12/15/09). The Copenhagen Wheel, consists

of “a sleek red hub” that “can be retrofitted to any bike’s rear wheel.”


It employs “the same technology used by hybrid cars … to harvest otherwise wasted energy when a cyclist brakes or speeds

down a hill.  With that energy, it charges up a battery inside the wheel’s hub.”  The device “includes sensors that track air quality,

a meter that logs miles and a GPS unit to track routes.   All that data can be sent via Bluetooth to a rider’s smart

phone and shared with others.”


It all sounds very cool, but I think it misses the mark.


The basic bike is so hard to beat.


The latest thing now are the simple, fixed-gear bikes, so simple and light you can throw them over your shoulder.


Does anyone remember Schwinn? 

Banana Seat, Monkey Handle Bars and

playing cards in the spokes . . .


. . . Now can you take today’s economic bike truth and pedal your way through your business pricing model?


Let’s look at your price structure:


First is your pricing listed and available?

Is your pricing model simple?

Do your offer add-on values or just “pile-ons?”


Do you have a different charge for age, foundation type, location?

Does your client need a calculator to multiply the charge per sq foot?

Do they need a Abacus when looking over your invoice?


People “Simply” want the best.

And where price is concerned

“Simple” is Simply Better!                  



Maverick Rules!

Your Success is Our Success!queen_band1[1]


P.S.  If you did not grow up a Queen fan, you simply missed some of

the best music the 70′s and the 80′s had to offer and my apologies to

all the “small bottom girls.”


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