Imitation Sugar is Sweet . . . Too! by Dave Park

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The Maverick Builder 

“Imitation Sugar is Sweet . . . Too!”


Imitation isn’t only the sincerest form of flattery; it’s also a power way to learn new business skills.

Mark Twain learned how to write by imitating other writers.  As a youth he set newspaper stories in type for the newspaper.  Tedious work, but it gave him the chance to imitate writers.  He learned the fundamentals of great writing by copying.

I hear the skepticism, “Mark Twain was a great author.”

Well you’re a great inspector. 
A professional inspector. 
And you drive a lot.

Have you ever walked down a street you normally drive?


Did you notice that you saw, heard and learned a lot more about the street when you were on foot? 
When you slow down, you pay attention to all the wonderful things you normally miss.  

The same thing happens when you imitate the great marketers, networkers and sales people.  You
suddenly become aware of what you normally never hear or see.

Imitation is POWRful.
Athletes watch film of great players.  They are training their minds (and bodies) to record patterns
of creating success. Businesses copy other successful business models.

It isn’t stealing, it’s learning.

If you want to know how to become a better networker, then imitate the people who are already doing it.  Just ask. 
Then will be glad to help.  You will set them as an expert.  It is a great stroke for them. 
A great education for you.

When you copy their form, their networking, their style, you will begin to recognize how and why they
get the results they have achieved.

Just ask a successful salesperson or training guru.  A networker or media expert.  Find someone to follow
in social media.  Guy Kawasaki or Seth Godin.  Read their blogs.  Then handwrite their blogs.  

Sound too simple for you? 

Then keep this in mind.

Learning is eternal.  Set aside 10 minutes a day.  The POWR of imitation can transform your entire
ability to move your business. . .  Double your Business!

You will be amazed what you will learn!

Plain and Simple!


Your Success is Our Success!

P.S.  I want to share with you the THREE SECRETS STEPS of imitation:


  1.  Step One:  Set a Goal.
  2.  Step Two:  Be Aware of the Moment.
  3.  Step Three:  Trust what Happens.


Set at Goal by deciding on what skill you

need to approve on for your business. 



Be Aware of the Moment.  Focus on the

Point.  Focus on the imitation moment.

You point of power is now.

(Keep quite the inner chatterbox)


Trust what Happens.  Everything in life

is or can be a learning experience.  Give

yourself the opportunity to learn, grow,

expand and enrich your skills.

(Take what you have learned and let if flow)



Copywrite 2010, The Maverick Builder
All rights reserved!

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