“Come Here” and “Sic’em” by Dave Park

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 “Come Here” and “Sic’em”

The difference between these two words is MARKETING! 2 face

Plain and simple.

That’s how we are going to mentally approach our planning calendar. 

Some months will be “Come Here” months with promotions, advertising, marketing and follow-up designed to bring your clients, prospects and business to you. 

Other months will be “Sic’em” months designed for your business to be clearly aggressive without the lingering effects from the bite!

During the year there will be several marketing campaigns delivered to the local and national press, real estate professionals, vendors, affiliates, clients, homeowners and recruits. 

Yes we use the word campaign because business is a war.

It will be imperative that you not only follow the campaigns, but that you maintain prepared communication with your social and professional networks.  This business building opportunity and platform will propel your business.

But the speed is dependent on relationships.  
(Social and Professional)

POWRsoft will distribute, inject, project and blast reaction designed marketing campaigns and specifically targeted materials to your people. . . . YES you have people!

You will have to know the material, follow up and answer the phone.

NOW, this is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of this Maverick Rant!


 . . . now ask yourself why I have your attention.  What grabbed you? 
What made you want to keep reading? 
Why are you reading now?

Let Maverick take a guess:

It was a simple, but solid statement.  The line stood out by presenting it on the page by itself (white space) and I gave the line a greater impact by capitalizing some of the words.

Marketing uses every line to keep your readers attention.  Marketing tells a story and one that the reader is bound to follow not just this one time but every time.

There are simply too many distractions in the world for you to offer mediocre marketing.  You don’t have a choice.  Your marketing materials must be perfection. 

Your marketing must Walk, Talk and Breathe!

It’s an exhilarating challenge to actually influence people.  People will use and buy your services and products on the strength of your marketing. Then when they experience your untouchable product and service. . .

BLAM . . . POW . . . Holy Cow Batman. 

Competing on Service instead of price is challenging in today’s economic environment.  But Maverick believes it is the right thing to do!  And so will your clients.

Plain and Simple!

This is not your mothers marketing. 

This is ELECTRIFYING!hypnosisplainsmall[1]
This is VITAL!


And Maverick is planning to facilitate a double in your business in 2010. 

It’s not magic. 
It’s just MARKETING. 
Plain and Simple! 

Maverick Rules!


Dave Park
The Maverick Builder
Your Success is Our Success!



Fat Bottom Girls by Dave Park

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Fat Bottom Girls you make the rocking world Queen-Bicycle-Race--Fat-7359-991[1]go round . . . get on your bikes and ride” -                                                                                                                        Queen


In Reveries today Tim Manners reported:


M.I.T. researchers have re-invented a bicycle wheel “that captures kinetic energy

released when a rider brakes and saves it for when the rider needs a boost,” reports

Sindya N. Bhanoo in the New York Times (12/15/09). The Copenhagen Wheel, consists

of “a sleek red hub” that “can be retrofitted to any bike’s rear wheel.”


It employs “the same technology used by hybrid cars … to harvest otherwise wasted energy when a cyclist brakes or speeds

down a hill.  With that energy, it charges up a battery inside the wheel’s hub.”  The device “includes sensors that track air quality,

a meter that logs miles and a GPS unit to track routes.   All that data can be sent via Bluetooth to a rider’s smart

phone and shared with others.”


It all sounds very cool, but I think it misses the mark.


The basic bike is so hard to beat.


The latest thing now are the simple, fixed-gear bikes, so simple and light you can throw them over your shoulder.


Does anyone remember Schwinn? 

Banana Seat, Monkey Handle Bars and

playing cards in the spokes . . .


. . . Now can you take today’s economic bike truth and pedal your way through your business pricing model?


Let’s look at your price structure:


First is your pricing listed and available?

Is your pricing model simple?

Do your offer add-on values or just “pile-ons?”


Do you have a different charge for age, foundation type, location?

Does your client need a calculator to multiply the charge per sq foot?

Do they need a Abacus when looking over your invoice?


People “Simply” want the best.

And where price is concerned

“Simple” is Simply Better!                  



Maverick Rules!

Your Success is Our Success!queen_band1[1]


P.S.  If you did not grow up a Queen fan, you simply missed some of

the best music the 70′s and the 80′s had to offer and my apologies to

all the “small bottom girls.”


Some Assembly Required! by Dave Park

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Julie Jargon of the Wall Street Journal reports that Starbucks has brought in a classic toy to teach inefficiency. 


Mr. Potato Head, one of the world’s most adored “personalities,” was “born” in 1952, at the Pawtucket, RI – based toy company,

Hasbro, Inc., and began making history at an early age as the very first toy to be advertised on television.


 The Maverick BuilderThe original Mr. Potato Head contained only parts, such as eyes, ears, noses and

mouths, and parents had to supply children with real potatoes for face-changing fun!


 Yes, the Mr. Potato Head toy helped Starbucks employees understand exactly how

inefficient they are at their jobs.  The toy’s parts are sprinkled “across several tables”

and baristas are timed by stopwatch to see how long it takes them to put Mr. Potato

 head together.


 The first time Tara Jordan tried this, it took her about a minute. But she got her time

down to just 16 seconds after “moving items closer together” and “altering the order of assembly.” This exercise is part

of Starbucks’s drive to reduce its store labor costs, which total “about $2.5 billion, or 24 percent of revenue, annually.”


Now what can we take from Mr. Potato Head. 


Efficiency creates effectiveness — freeing up more time “to interact with clients and improve your business experience.” 


This can be especially tricky because “every inspection business is configured differently and has its own

client-realtor-management patterns.” 


The Mr. Potato Head game should encourage each franchise and inspector “to come up with their own efficiency solutions.”


When was the last time you wrote down all your business pieces?
Do you just plug in solutions or do your create a flow chart?
Which pieces are most important? 


Don’t be a Spud Dud!

Grow your business by providing an Experience.

Explode your business by creating Efficiency.


Mr. Potato Head … a world-class personality whose recognition grew from a simple children’s toy to everyone’s best friend,

a speaker of causes, entertainment star and a cultural icon.


Sounds like a Maverick!